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Dumbbell Only Trainer


Whether life has thrown you a curve ball, you’re looking to begin a training routine, or you are limited by space, time, or equipment, I have created the perfect solution for you – DB ONLY At Home Trainer! Just like you, I have found that when my training takes a back seat, so does my energy, patience, and focus. Maintaining an active lifestyle is important to me, so no matter if I am traveling, juggling a packed schedule, limited by equipment, or all of the above, I can still get in a productive & effective workout!

All you need for this program is two sets of dumbbells & a bench, box, or chair. Now there are really no excuses – rain or shine, home or gym, whether you are a busy professional, a busy mom, or BOTH – from beginner to advanced athlete, this program will challenge all fitness levels!



This is an 8-week program designed to be done at home, gym, or traveling at hotel gyms. The minimal equipment required makes it suitable for beginners, regular gym-goers, or anyone who wants to maximize their training without compromising results.


  • One set of heavy dumbbells (barbell optional)
  • One set of light/moderate dumbbells
  • One bench, box, or chair
  • Mini bands suggested, but not required


  • All exercises listed in the workout will be able to be performed with a set of DB’s. You may see options for kettlebell or barbell work; feel free to modify exercises to suit your fitness level & advance where you can.
  • 4 day Training Split – 4 workouts each week to fuse into your schedule & make it work for YOU! Maybe you enjoy doing most of your training during the week & resting on the weekends, or maybe it works best for you to use the weekend days to train & have your off days during the week – there is no right or wrong way to FIND the time that works BEST for YOUR lifestyle!
  • Rep Range: 12-20 reps (emphasis on higher rep volume training)
  • Time Commitment: These workouts are designed to get you in, out, and on with your day. Plan for each workout to take you 40-60 minutes, but if you need to slower, it may take you a bit longer, and that’s ok!


All sales are final. As with any exercise program, there may be certain risks to your health and safety. Regardless of your fitness level, please understand that you may become injured doing exercises, especially if done with incorrect form, and if you participate in the exercises, you are doing so at your own free will. Generally speaking, you should consult your doctor before beginning any nutritional or exercise program.